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PS3 Move Games are fantastic for those who love Playstation. A new dimension has been given to many older games. Many games are now available which never worked on the older Playstations. The compatibility of the latest games is important with Move. It is possible to get benefits from Move controller by different types of games including action games, shooter games, fitness games, huge-sports games. For applying new technologies, the Sly Collection has been updated.

Playstation 3 Move Games are known as PS3 Move Games. There are some games which are PS3 Move games. Some of the Move games are Little Big Planet, Brunswick Pro Bowling, Assassins Creed 3, The Sly Collection, Sports Champions 1 and 2 are some PS3 games.

PS move games Sports-Champions-2The Sports Champions 1 and 2

The Sports Champions 1 and 2 contain 12 games totally. Each of the Sports Champions and Sports Champion 2 contains 6 games. These games range from boxing to the archery. Applying the Move technologies, it provides a lot of games to play. The price of this game is $39.99.

Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet is another PS3 Move Game. The special Move bundle of the sackboy or anything will help you to get involved with the game. In the platform tradition, 50 levels of games are available. It is also possible to create an environment according to own wish. This is possible to upload your own creations and download others’ creations. It has the opportunity of multi player. The price of this game is $79.99. You can buy this game online if you want to play this.

HD Picture
PS3 Move Req
Sorcerysingle playerAction RPG4.9YesYes3d
Kill Zone 3MultiFighting & Shooting4.6YesYes3d
Sports Champions 2 - Playstation 32Sports4.5YesYes3d
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PS3SingleAction4.2NoYes2d
The Fight: Lights Out - Playstation 3MultiMartial Arts4YesYes3d
Just Dance 4 - Playstation 3MultiDance4YesYes2d
Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag - PlayStation 3/4MultiAction & Adventure3.8YesYes3d
Fifa 14MultiSports3.8YesYes3d
NEW De Blob 2 PS3/PS4MultiPlatformer3.7YesYes3d
TV Superstars - Playstation 3
The-amazing-spider-manMultiAction & Adventure4.1YesYes2d
Multiaction adventure4.1YesYes2d
Wonderbook: Diggs NightcrawlerSingledetective story0YesYes2d
Start the PartySingleinteractive, social, party game4.2YesYes2d
Racquet SportsSinglesporting2.6YesYes2d
Sports ChampionsMultiaction-sports4.4YesYes2d
Puma: After Hours AthletesMultiAction-Puzzle-Platforming4.7YesYes2d
Just Dance 3 MultiDance Party-Rhythm game4.4YesYes2d
EyePetSingleFamilly kid4.2YesYes3d
Grease DanceSingleDancing3.5YesYes2d
Sports Champions 2Singlesporting4.3YesYes2d
Portal 2MultiAction-Puzzle-Platforming4.7YesYes2d
Just Dance Kids 2 Singlesporting4.3YesYes2d
Everybody Dance Multiaction4.2YesYes2d
Get Up and DanceSingleDancing2.7YesYes2d
The ShootDouble Player shooter game3.5YesYes2d
Move HeroesDouble Playeraction game3.7YesYes3d
Just Dance 4 SingleDance Party-Rhythm game4.7YesYes2d
Get Fit With Mel BSingleFamilly kid3.9YesYes3d
High Velocity BowlingMultisporting3YesYes3d
House of the Dead: OverkillMultiShooting4.3YesYes3d
Wonderbook: Book of SpellsSingleWonderbook4.1YesYes2d
Resident Evil 5 Gold EditionmultiplayerAction4.1YesYes2d
Heavy Rain multiplayer thriller4.3YesYes2d
LittleBigPlanet 2Single Playersporting4.7YesYes2d
Resistance 3multiplayerShooting4.2YesYes2d


Brunswick is the name of another PS3 Move Game. This is a bowling game. People, who love bowling game, will like this game. It contains a small amount of physical work. The game provides quality graphics environment with fun bowler. The Pro Bowling version of the Brunswick is compatible with the Move. You can buy this easily by spending $29.99.

PS3 MOVE GAMES Assassin-s-Creed-IIIAssassins Creed 3

There are also adventure types of PS3 games besides having PS3 action games. Assassins Creed 3 is a PS3 Move Game. This game includes weapons such as guns, knives and tomahawks. The multiplayer mode of this game is popular. So you must try this. It provides best graphics. All the hardware is included to the bundle version of this game. The price of Assassins Creed is $29.99.

The Sly Collection

The Sly Collection is a PS3 Move Game which is one of the three best PS3 games. Now it has been updated in HD which is ready to Move. So the graphics quality of this game is good. Anyone will enjoy playing this game. It includes plenty of small games.  The price of Sly Collection is $29.99.


The Fight: Lights Out

The Fight: Lights Out is one of the best fight games supported by PS3 but the review of this game is low. Most of the people can’t play this game properly and that’s why they have given a low review. This is not an appropriate game for a normal player. This game has multi player option besides having single player option. The price of this game is $39.99.

There are also shooter games for PS3 Move. The shooter game is also a kind of fighting game. So people, who love fighting, can choose this game.

Killzone 3

Killzone 3 is a PS3 shooter game. This game has online mode. So you can have the taste of online games from this game. You must need the internet connection for playing this game. If you want to get the best from this game, you need to have both PS3 controllers. The price of the game is $19.99. So this is easy to buy.

The shoot

The shoot is another PS3 shooter game which is very difficult to play. You need to choose one from the five movie sets for a setting. Blowing away the buildings is the best part of this game. One Move guns is necessary for playing this game. You need to play this game both in the single player and two player modes. The price of this game is $19.99.

For ancient war loving people there are several sword fights of the PS3 Move Games also available. These games always include a sword and by using this sword, you need to play this type of games.

Best PS3 MOVE GAMES Medieval-Moves-Deadmunds-QuestBestDeadmund’s Quest

Deadmund’s Quest is a sword fight game of PS3. This game was developed by Sports Champions. The graphics quality of this game is also very appreciable. It provides a hard fight which will be able to satisfy your action mind. You need to pay $19.99 if you want to buy this game. If you love fight, then you can choose this game which will help you to fight using the sword.


There are also several PS3 Move games for kids. EyePet is a popular PS3 Move game for kids. They will enjoy playing this game. From three to eight years old kid will enjoy this game. In this game, virtual pets appeared on screen. They will appear in the camera range. The movement of the pets can be controlled. By controlling the movement of the pets, you will be able to do work with these pets. It will do work in a surprising way and so this is enjoyable to the kids. It will draw the attention of the kids. So they love this game. Sometimes people think that the instructions of this game are difficult. They say that the game is suitable for the parents too besides kids. They can learn the instructions and they can help their kids in playing this game. EyePet 2 is the updated version of EyePet. If you love EyePet, you will love EyePet2. You can buy this game spending $19.99. If you want to see smile on the face of your little family member, you can allow your kids to play this game to them. It will help them to pass their time having fun.

Best PS3 MOVE GAMES the-amazing-spider-manThe Amazing Spider Man

The Amazing Spider Man is a PS3 Move Game which was developed by Beenox. Activision is the publisher of this game. It was first released in 26 June of the year 2012. This is an amazing PS3 game and you will be able to get this game on the web very easily.


This is another PS3 Move Game. Cipher Prime Studios is the developer of this game. Zoo Games is the publisher of this. It was first released in 23 November in 2010.

Book of Spells

This is a PS3 Move game which was developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. This is also the publisher of this game. The game was first released in 13 Novembern2012.

The Unfinished Swan

The game is very simple to play. But you will have an immerse experience by playing this game with Move.

High Velocity Bowling

There are different kinds of bowling games. High velocity bowling is one of them. This game is quite good that anyone will enjoy this. This is also a Move game. Supporting this game with Move will give you awesome experience. So if you love bowling games, you need to try this game.

Hustle Kings

Hustle Kings is a pool game which supports Move. If you like pool games, you will have a great experience with this game.

Portal 2

This game is recently supporting Move. You will have amazing experience playing this game with Move. So you can try this.

Heavy Rain

Recently it supports move game. You might have played this game before. But you will have new experience by playing this game with move.



 Best PS3 MOVE GAMES tv_superstarsBest


TV Superstars

There are family and party PS3 Move Games also. TV Superstars is one of them. You can get some conception about the game from the name of this game. The game has some similarity with the TV reality show. So it is easy to understand. You can raise the popularity stakes by performing well. In the reality shows, people become rich and popular by completing different tasks. This is also true for this game too. This is fun game which can be played with the family. People can try this game during holidays. It will help them to spend their holiday by having fun. The price of this game is $19.99. This game isn’t too costly. So if you want to spend your holidays with your family and want to have fun, you can buy this game as a better option. It will give you the opportunity of spending your holiday with fun.

Different people like different types of games. So PS3 Move games also have different tests. If anyone like fight, you can choose that kind of PS3 Move Game. If anyone loves adventure, you can choose PS3 Move adventure game. New games are releasing every day. They are updating their features regularly. So the games are being more attractive to the game lovers. It is recommended to try the new PS3 Move Games besides the old. They are having lots of fun. So if you are interested in gaming, you can also try PS3 Move Games. It will help you to pass your free time in an enjoyable way.

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